The Illegal Excavations Continues in Dier Ez-Zour Archaeological Sites12/11/2014 - عدد القراءات : 3004

Many of archaeological sites in Dier Ez-Zour have been looted and vandalized. Illegal “excavations” have been carried out and cultural treasures have been stolen and were sold abroad.
The recent reports from Dier Ez-Zour antiquities confirmed that the destruction of the cultural heritage in the area continues, as it is evident by the following cases:

Mari (Tell Hariri), which situated in the villages of al-Sial al-Sharqi in Abu Kamal area.
Illegal excavations have affected significant buildings such as The Temples, Zimri-Lim palace and the Zaqora, recently armed gangs had occupied the site.

Dura Europos al-Salhiya
The illegal excavations and vandalism stopped in the archaeological site. Knowing that during the previous period the all the site was vandalized heavily by the Antiquities armed thieves.

Tell Bassira: located South Eastern of Dier Ez-Zour, to the left bank of Euphrates. 
Vandalism and illegal excavations in the Tell, in addition to illegal constructions (Shops)  in the Eastern side overlooking at al-Khabur river.

Halabia Site (Zanobia): did not shown any damage recently.

Tell Tabous: Located in al-Shamatia village W of  Dier Ez-Zour at the right bank of Wadi Euphrates. The Tell is a Roman –Byzantine fort with a Hellenistic evidences, it is overlooking at the S side to a deep valley containing Byzantine Cemetery. The site has been studied by the Finland mission of the University of Helsinki that working in the Survey in Bishri Mount. It was subject to illegal excavations and looting.

Tell Shiekh Hamad (Dūr-Katlimmu): Located 80 km NE of Dier Ez-Zour, within a Gharbya Sharqya village on the right bank of the Khabur River.
The site was excavated by German mission from Berlin's Free University under the direction of Dr. Kühne. Many cuneiform figure were discovered in the site confirmed that the site is Dūr-Katlimmu the Assyrian Kingdom dated to the Middle Assyrian era. The Tell witnessed extensive illegal excavations.

Qalaat Rahba : Located in the city of Mayadin, 50 km far from Dier Ez-Zour.
Illegal  excavations  witnessed in the western area overlooking to the Ghassanian cemeteries in the desert, the illegal excavations extends to the Ayyubid city located below the castle.


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