Photos: Damage at Harim Castle in Idlib Countryside16/11/2014 - عدد القراءات : 2696

Idlib Antiquities was able to reach Harim Castle and made initial damage assessments as follows:
  • All the exterior walls of the markets in the SE of the castle are intact as well as the buildings on the north well as the excavation areas.

  • Few illegal excavations were done in the main market within the castle.
  • Stones blocks were fallen which made a gaps in N and S facades.
  • Iron doors were taken off within the castle except the castle main entrance.

  • Secret entrances leading to the castle were closed with large stones.
  • Excavation equipment and lifting tools with their engines were also stolen from the main warehouse of the castle.
  • A new brick room were built at the roof of the castle for armed gungs settlments. .
It is noteworthy that the castle was partially damage during the 2013 events.


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