Palmyra: ISIS membres destroyed famous lion-shaped Al-Lat statue29/06/2015 - عدد القراءات : 4349

local community at Palmyra verified thet ISIS members destroyed the lion-shaped Al-Lat statue which was located in the front of the entrance hallway of the Museum of Palmyra.

The lion statue was discovered in 1977 by a Polish archaeological expedition, it was decorted  the 1st cent. BC/1st cent. AD Temple of Allat entrance.

The guardian lion was made by soft limestone, height 3.00 m, depicting a lion opening  its mouth as if she were roaring. It stands on its front limbs, between them, appears a lamb laying down in peace. The guardian lion represented one of the creative works of man and a  masterpiece of palmerean sculpture.

Lion-shaped Al-Lat Statue


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