The Eastern Countryside in Daraa: Damagea at the Jmarein village16/08/2015 - عدد القراءات : 3126

Photos taken on July 26, 2015 showed the current state of the archaeological sites (The Roman Palace and the Roman Bridge), at Jamrein village a small village located about three kilometers north of Bosra at the Eastern countryside of Daraa.

The village contains two monuments of interest from the Roman period: a small Roman palace and a Roman bridge.
The photos showed the damage at the Eastern Façade of the Two stories high Roman Palace due to clashing at the area during the last months.

Other photos showed the current situation of the Roman Bridge which located at al al Zaidi valley. The Roman bridge was built in the 164 AD during the same period of building al Taiba bridge.

The Eastern Façade of the Roman Palace
The Roman Bridge


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