DGAM announce the passing of the archaeology resaercher Khalid al-Asaad- former Director of Palmyra Antiquities18/08/2015 - عدد القراءات : 17996


The well-known archaeologist
Khalid Assad (RIP)

It is with great sorrow we announce the murder of our colleague, The well-known archaeologist Khalid Asaad (former Director of  Palmyra Antiquities Department) who was beheaded by the terrorist members of  ISIS today, Tuesday 18th of August 2015  According to reports, his body was crucified at the Palmyrean columns area (which he restored himself) in the center of Palmyra, after being beheaded at the museum courtyard. 

Mr. Asaad started his career at DGAM in 1963 as a Director of Palmyra Antiquities, he was an inspirational and dedicated professional who was committed to DGAM even after his retirement.

In addition to his generous character with great respect and admiration, he was known as one of the country’s top archaeologists and also recognized as an expert in the Palmyrean history, his name was connected with many Syrian remarkable archaeologists such as Adnan Bunni and had several publications known for the international scholars. 

The DGAM strongly condemns this cowardly and criminal act of appalling brutality.  However, it is his family who will feel his loss the greatest and our thoughts and prayers go out to them all.



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