Latest news from sites in Hama: Apamea, Ibn Wardan, al-Kastal, al-Andarin21/10/2015 - عدد القراءات : 3463

The Ancient City of Apamea:

According to received information by the local society and archaeologists to DGAM, random diggings and illegal excavations by heritage hunters are still happening and leading to heavy destruction in the site.  These sabotage works have reached the Roman Theatre facing the Citadel; moreover, clashes have caused several damages to the museum and its open court.


We, at DGAM, have already alerted the int’l concerned authorities and institutions of such illegal excavations and the organized heritage hunting to this historic site, whether in our online calls on this site (Statement by the DGAM: Syrian Cultural Heritage-Three and a Half Years of Suffering, The Status of Syrian Antiquities until Feb 1, 2013, High-ranking Presentation by the Director-General to UNESCO) or in every event the DGAM attended and/or participated in during the last years of the conflict.

The site of Apamea has been a “buffer zone” between the Syrian Armed Forces, who settle south of the Southern Gate, and the fundamentalist militias, who control the Northern Gate, for 2 years now.  The lack of control in the zone in-between gives a space to heritage hunters to work heavily in smaller groups, which is very well shown in the famous satellite imageries of Apamea.

Palace of Ibn Wardan:

The heritage hunters keep on digging at the Byzantine Eastern Gate, and they break and steal some architectural segments.  Moreover, the North-Western part of the place has been partially damaged, due to clashes.

Palace of Ibn Wardan (internet archive)
Palace of Ibn Wardan (internet archive)

Palace of Ibn Wardan (internet archive)

Church of Northern al-Kastal:

The site, located in Al-Salamiyah region, has been severely excavated by heritage hunters, who were supported by non-local experts, causing oppressive diggings.


This site, located East of Hama, has been subjected to stealing many of its columns and roof stones by heritage hunters, who have dome random diggings in the site as well, in order to find more valuable construction stones and historic findings.  The site, where local, British, and German mission have worked for many years before the conflict, has been well damaged.


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