Latest news from Bakirha in Djebel Barisha, Rural Idleb18/01/2016 - عدد القراءات : 3627

DGAM received recent photos from the ancient city of Bakirha in Djebel Barisha in Rural Idleb, enlisted on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The photos indicate the current status of each of the Roman temple and a church, which look in good condition.

The Roman temple in Bakirha

One of the 2 churches in Bakirha

This reassuring situation in the site is owed to the attention of the local society by keeping it safe, and, moreover, to the DGAM local staff members for safeguarding and maintaining the site.

The ancient city of Bakirha was first constructed in the 2nd century AD, actually including ruins of 2 churches (one of which dates to the 5th century and the other to the 6th century), a huge Roman temple that dates to the 2nd century, several olive presses engraved in stone, and several 2-storey dwellings.  Bakirha is also known for the large blocks of stone used to build its mortarless masonry walls inscribed with significant ornaments.

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