Field visit to Qalaat Salah El-Din in Rural Latakia by the Minister of Culture06/02/2016 - عدد القراءات : 3642

The Minister of Culture, Issam Khalil together with DGAM Director-General Maamoun Abdulkarim, and a group of the concerned authorities visited during the last two days Qalaat Salah El-Din (Fortress of Saladin) in Rural Latakia after it was free from the armed groups last month and peace returned to the area.

During the visit, the Minister Issam Khalil informed closely on the state of this historic castle and the damaged caused by the Armed Groups which have been limited to burn, theft and vandalism at the visitor center whereas, the structural stability of the castle remain intact .

The Minister appointed to address a comprehensive study of restoration and rehabilitation to re-open the castle for the visitors during the next two months.

The Minister Khalil also visited KraK des Chevaliers where he got informed on the process of the emergency interventions that are being carried out by DGAM in this historic castle after it was free from armed groups last year.

It is worth to mention that these two castles listed on the UNESCO world Heritage List on 2006, because they represent the most significant examples of fortified architecture and the best preserved example of the castles from (late 11th to mid-13th century), they were inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger on 2013.

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