In photos: museum of Palmyra post liberation27/03/2016 - عدد القراءات : 12810

DGAM received another significant set of recent photos shot today inside the national museum of Palmyra after the liberation of the city.

The photos show statues with peeled faces and/or thrown down the floor broken into pieces, the fact that makes restorations in such cases possible and preserving the historic value of the statues.

On the other hand, the staff of DGAM regional office in Palmyra could evacuate about 400 statues or heads of statues, in addition to hundreds of exhibits at the museum, i.e. artifacts, transportable statues, storage boxes.  The sudden invasion of terrorist militants of ISIS in May 2015 made it difficult to evacuate the larger statues and a few exhibited heads of statues fixed on the walls of the museum halls.

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