Urgent mission for damage assessment in Palmyra museum16/04/2016 - عدد القراءات : 4421

In an urgent field visit to the national museum of Palmyra, a group of experts from DGAM, Dr. Bartosz Markowski who already restored Athina Al-lat statue 10 years ago, and Dr. Robert Żukowski, both from the Polish archaeological mission, who worked previously in Palmyra, gave a targeted damage assessment to the museums, its galleries and the statues smashed by the terrorist militants of ISIS.

Prof. Maamoun Abdulkarim, Dr. Ahmad Deeb, Dr. Bartosz Markowski,
Dr. Robert Żukowski, and Mr. Olivier Bourgeois, director

The members of this mission worked together to gather all fragments of statues, in order to help restore the statues to its potential state prior the invasion of ISIS in May 2015.  In the near future, restoration works will start in the proper lab in DGAM headquarters in Damascus, under supervision of local and international experts, under the support of UNESCO and other international partners, i.e. specialized scientific organizations and institutes.

We, at DGAM, take this opportunity to appreciate the initiative of our 2 colleagues of the Polish mission, Dr. Bartosz Markowski and Dr. Robert Żukowski, to answer our call immediately, and we look forward to further collaborations for the interest of the Syrian cultural heritage.

Experts from DGAM

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