In the end of 2016 season for the Syro-Hungarian Archaeological Mission08/08/2016 - عدد القراءات : 4045

The Syro-Hungarian Archaeological Mission started in autumn of 2007 with a huge research project. Since then, the mission had accomplished 17 work season, the last three of them were accomplished in winter, spring and summer of 2016 under the management of Dr. Balazs Major from the Hungarian side, E. Marwan Hassan and E. Edmond Alaji from the Syrian side with the participation of archeologist Mayssam Yousef, E. Feras Ghannam, and a number of Syrian and Hungarian experts and students who had worked in all work seasons and all fields.

One of the main goals of the mission project, especially in 2016 seasons, was to offer an opportunity for Syrian and Hungarian students to train and work in restoration and documentation fields with new technics.

Excavation locations in the castle were chosen depending on DGAM needs for restoration and protection works and in order to reveal the limits of the buildings and to gain more information about the site's history and buildings' original functions. Also to enrich our knowledge about tangible culture and technologies that previous occupiers of the citadel had.

The most important works in 2016 season were:
  • Revealing a lot of historical and architectural indications and details.
  • Revealing a lot of important historical artifacts.
  • Precise documentation for all buildings and architectural details in order to draw a final plan of the site.
  • Drawing, documentation and restoration of discovered artifacts based on scientific and archaeologic standards.
  • 3D computer modeling and revision for the citadel's buildings depending on historical information.
  • Survey works with geo-radar.
  • Documentation depending on 3D photographing for many buildings, inner spaces and archaeological and architectural details.
  • Documentation depending on aerial photographing by drone.
  • Supporting the Syrian team with constructional analyzes and restoration studies.
  • Offering tTraining for a group of engineers, architects and archaeologists from Tartous Department of Antiquities and Museums in order to make them direct partners and participators in the work later.

Moreover, and with a commission of DGAM, the archaeological mission accomplished constructional analyzes and studies that help protecting some buildings in the citadel and documenting the damages in it. The mission also did surveys with geo-radar and 3D documentation for some buildings.

With the ending of 2016 season, and in appreciating the efforts of Dr. Balazs Major the head of the Hungarian team in the Syro-Hungarian Archaeological Mission, and in confirming the importance of scientific and cultural collaboration between both sides and its significant results (historically, archaeologically and architecturally), Dr. Balazs Major was honored with the armor of DGAM which was represented by Prof.Dr. Maamoun Abdulkarim the general director of DGAM and with presence of members from both Syrian and Hungarian sides and a group of interested researchers.

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