Inauguration of Archeology Conference in The Historic City of Astrkom with The Participation of DGAM17/08/2016 - عدد القراءات : 3115

The archeology conference was inaugurated in the historic Astrkom, which located at the north of the Hungarian capital, in the Catholic League headquarters - with the participation of the Syrian delegation from the General-Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, and the presence of Syria, Lebanon Germany, Britain, Spain, Bosnia Croatia, Romania, Hungary, and the conference continues from the date of 7 / 8/2016 until 28/08/2016. Which was under the supervision and coordination of Professor Balaj Mayor, head of the Hungarian side in the joint Syrian-Hungarian mission Excavation in Al-Marqeb Citadel, and it includes a study of modern methods of protection the cultural heritage, technical engineering software and technological three-dimensional, to document the buildings and archaeological sites, technical and modern methods in the excavation, in addition to visits for the current works in the most important Hungarian archaeological sites.

Among the activities of the conference was the inauguration of an exhibition in town for Rattskava about Al-Marqeb Citadel dated 16/08/2016 lasts for a month, includes the results of the joint Syrian-Hungarian mission operating in Al-Marqeb Citadel work, in the presence of Ms. Kotalin Shylock, director of cultural relations at the head of the Hungarian Minister and the Director of Rattskava Museum, where Professor Balaj Mayor presented expanded presentation about the paintings exhibition, showed Syria's history and deep culture, and international responsibility to protect common human civilization and heritage in Syria.

Discussion also took place between the audience and the DGAM delegation on how DGAM to handle with the current situation and its ability to protect cultural heritage in Syria

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