Mr. Luis Monreal, General Manager of Aga Khan Trust for Culture_in the National Museum of Damascus 16/11/2016 - عدد القراءات : 2788


Mr. Luis Monreal, General Manager of Aga Khan Trust for Culture, visited the National Museum of Damascus, on 15-16, November 2016.
His schedule included meetings with the Director- General of Antiquities and Museums and directors of DGAM,

They discussed the situation of the National Museum of Damascus, Syrian Heritage during the crisis and the procedures for protecting the Syrian cultural heritage. Through ideas for future projects in order to participate effectively targeted important institution concentrated in the restoration and consolidates some of the buildings that were damaged during the crisis. In addition to supporting social development activities in the vicinity of archaeological sites, And he attended the opening of an exhibition entitled "The Battle of Syria to defend its History." At the National Center for the Visual Arts.

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