Assessment for the fire damaged at Damascus old city02/12/2016 - عدد القراءات : 3342


The location:
The fire took place at Mardam Biek suq (Al Tahan Avenue) at the western edge of the trade center Al-Hamidiyah in the old city of the Damascus, the Avenue located between Al-Hamidiyah and Al- Asruniyeh trade centers.

Cause of the Fire:
The fire broke out on Thursday at 23:00, the cause of the fire was a short circuit occurred by  the heavy rainfall, which gutted over 2 estates that including several shops. Immediately the power supply cut off from the area, the firefighters succeeded to control the blaze on Friday at 3:00. In the next morning, when the electricity came back, several electrical sparks led to the broke the fire again by the continuous heavy rainfall and the presence of the extensions of the electrical installation mostly due to external pieces for the air conditioners that placed on the roofs of the shops ground floors.   The firefighters came back to the area and control the blaze again on 14:00.

  • Two estates damaged by the fire (263 – 264) with several parts of the 266 estate.
  • Minor damage to the estate n 263, the constructional structure still intact, it is a small estate, built by cement & blocks and the west façade dressed by stone. 
  • The estate n 264 is a small one, built with mixing building materials, the fire caused the collapse of the 1st and 2nd floor, waterlogged debris cause minor damage to the ground floor.  
  • Estate n 266 consists of two blocks which contains multiple shops separated by Al Tahan Avenue, a part of the 1st floor cover Al Tahan Avenue. At the 1st floor and the 2nd floor the fire triggered the collapse of several shops in the mid and north part of the estate and serious damage to the 1st and 2nd and 3rd floors at the Southern part adjacent to the covered roof of Al Hamidiyah suq.   
  • At the ground floor minor damage appeared at 4 shops in the western area because of the waterlogged debris.

Measures Taken by Antiquities of Damascus:
  • A small team under the direction of Antiquities of Damascus documenting the damage, took photos, supervising debris removal and operated machinery.
  • The inventories of damage assessment were taken with the help of local community, the shops owners and Voluntary associations. 
  • Communicate with citizens, awareness raising of the values of the old city, the need to undertake safety and security measures and issuing warnings to those stores hazardous materials.
  • The DGAM argue again on the need for a serious and effective action from all the relevant authorities to remove all of the causes of the fire in the old city, all flammable materials from the shops, implement fire extinguisher and warning networks and to use traditional materials to build fire-resistant. As well as the indispensability provide automatic extinguishing devices in the shops and to provide the firefighters with extinguishing devices do not rely on water pumping
  • During the field visit on Saturday, 03.12. 2016 of the Director General of Antiquities and Museums, Dr. Maamoun AbdulKarim, the old Damascus Directorate promised that during the upcoming months they will undertake a project to execute all the electrical cables buried in the ground floor, and we notice life is back to Al-Hamidiyah suq after removing the rubbish of fire .

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