Photos of Damages in Shaizar citadel, Tebet Al_imam Museum at Hamma Governorate19/12/2016 - عدد القراءات : 2448


Al Hazazeh Minaret at  Maqam Al Imam Ali mosque in Tibet Alimam :

It is the most important part of (Maqam Imam Ali) mosque, in Tibet Al Imam city, and  it was destroyed completely.
It is an archaeological minaret belong to 1002 hejri .

Shaizar citadel:

The entrance of the tower was damaged by mortar shell, and part of its stones was lost, which it caused to be collapsible.
in addition to the historical inscription at the top of the entrance arch was damaged, which it caused to lose big part of it.
some parts of the wall were lost above the pyramid block In addition to fracturing in the sill of the nearby aperture .

The citadel is currently closed and this damage which we noticed  from the outside, and we don’t have information about the interior damages.

Tibet El Imam museum:

Most parts of Tibet El Imam museum damaged, included the gable roof ,and some parts of it and parts of museum's wall collapsed.
It worth to be said that the mosaic panel was completely covered, and it still in a good situation.

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