Urgent International Appeal: to Protect the Archaeological bridge of Ein Dewar from collapse and destruction due to the Turkish Government project27/12/2016 - عدد القراءات : 3298


Reports stating recently from the Department of the Antiquities of Al_Hasaka, the fact that the Turkish Government starts implementation a plan for change the natural stream of the Tigris River, towards the Syrian lands in Ein Dewar area in the far north-eastern of Syria, threatening archaeological sites, which is including the important Archaeological bridge in Ein Dewar of flood and collapse.

If the Turkey Government starts to change the natural stream of the Tigris River to enter into the village of Ein Dewar of Maalikih city , thus will flood and destroy the historic Bridge in the town.

It is worth mentioning that the archaeological bridge dates back to the period of the Islamic Seljuk _ Ayyubid, where its construction dates back to 1164 AD ,and it is one of ancient icons in Al_ jazereh of Syria, where it was the passage for each trade caravans that had crossed from north to south and vice versa, through the bin Omar Island , which was the center of one of the important Emirates in that days.

it was in the past composed of three arches; only two pillars of the South and the North side are still exist, as well as two pillars with a single arch and the Horoscopes in the southern part of the bridge.

Architecturally, the bridge built of black basalt stones and gypsum in wonderful engineering way; and on the side of the bridge, the twelve Horoscopes located carved professionally and they are still to this day witness the magnificence of Islamic architecture, accuracy and creativity in that period.

The bridge has kept its integrity and splendor during the crisis as a result of cooperation between the local community and DGAM.

Threat of flooding and destruction bridge is a great crime against the cultural heritage, DGAM Appeals UNESCO , world cultural organizations to intervene to stop this serious threat to the cultural heritage of Syria, and contrary to the rules of international law and conventions on the protection of cultural heritage.

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