The conclusion of the training program on conservation and Restoration for Built heritage at Homs, funded by Prince Claus fund with support of UNESCO_Beirut.29/12/2016 - عدد القراءات : 3041


The Directorate General of Antiquities & Museums concluded the training program organized at Homs for 8 days during the period 23 -30 December, 2016, with the participation of Architects, engineers and archaeologists from Homs Antiquities staff and 10 trainees from Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Idleb, Dara’a, lattakia and Sweida. 
The participants received training to increase their knowledge and understanding of built heritage restoration techniques that damaged  by the crisis and how to be intervened and maintained in accordance with the international standards, as well as how to set up restoration project, both technical and legal side.

The training was organized by the DGAM and funded by Prince Claus fund with the support of UNESCO office in Beirut. The teaching team consisted of experts from DGAM that introduced study cases and up-to-date expertise and information based on various methodologies including lectures, case studies, site visits and discussion.
During the training the trainers highlighted several topics e.g. trends and developments on conservation of historical buildings, standards/principles/regulations of historical buildings restoration and conservation; construction materials and restoration methods of historical buildings, case studies of restoration and conservation of historical buildings, built heritage and cultural landscapes in Homs, legislation & administration management and maintenance of built heritage.

The 2 days study trip was organized during the course to introduce the restoration works at the great mosque and the old markets in addition to practical training on using the new techniques for documentation at Zahrawi Palace at Homs old city.

The main goal of this training program was to increase and improve skills in how to treat the Historical building that damaged by the crisis, the trainees received practical and theory training on many issues that contribute to increase their knowledge and enable them to get their work done in high-literal manner.  
During the course, participants shared their own knowledge and experiences by presenting practice study cases.

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