3Ds documentation team continues working in the old city of Damascus20/02/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3265


Notable efforts of the 3Ds documentation team in the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums, who are working on time schedule to document the historical buildings in Damascus. A number of historical buildings have been chosen to be documented using 3Ds recording methods, some these buildings are : Al-Azem Palace , Al-Madrassa Al-Jaqmaqia ,The Umayyad Mosque, Al-Tkeih Al-Sulaimaneih, Al-Bimaristan AL-Nouri , Hananya Church, Khan Asaad Basha and some of the artifacts of the national museum of Damascus.

The team has been receiving regular training in the UNESCO office in Beirut and through the internet from CyArk (500), which is specialized in 3Ds documentation of archaeological sites. The trainers follow up to the progression of the fieldwork to guarantee achieving the    desired results of the training program.
The team has been provided with 3Ds documentation equipment, such as a laser scanner, a panoramic camera, photographic cameras and a drone. In addition to the programs needed to process the data, such as Autodesk Recap 360 - Agisoft Photoscan – Nctech- -Adobe Lightroom- RealityCapture.

Al-Azem Palace

Al-Azem Palace

3D Model facade

3D Model from National Museum

 3D Model from National Museum

The work has begun in the beginning of 2016, in the chosen building, and the following have been achieved:
Al-Madrassa Al-Jaqmaqia and Al-Bimaritan Al-Nouri: have been documented using the laser scanner and processed using Recap 360 to get the 3Ds model with accurate dimensions.
Al- Azem Palace: have been documented with laser scanning and photogrammetry, the data have been processed using Recap 360 and RealityCapture.
Hananya Church, Al-Tkeih Al-Sulaimaneih and Khan Asaad Basha: have been documented using the panoramic camera and processed using Nctech.
Panoramic image in  Khan As'ad Pasha

  Panoramic image in  Khan As'ad Pasha

Panoramic image in Al-Tkeih Al-Sulaimaneih

Panoramic image in Al-Tkeih Al-Sulaimaneih

Panoramic image in Al-Azem Palace

Panoramic image in Hananya Church

Al-Madrassa Al-Jaqmaqia

This training is part of the project Anqa that focuses on the rapid documentation of endangered cultural heritage, under the title “Digital Documentation of Sites in the Old City of Damascus” with cooperation with ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites) and the Preservation Institute in Yale University (IPCH).

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