Report about the field work of DGAM in old Aleppo21/02/2017 - عدد القراءات : 2718


After the liberation of the old city of Aleppo, crews of DGAM entered the old city of Aleppo, along with a military engineering teams who were dismantle the mine, they were starting works of the first documentation of the damage.

DGAM composed nine crews to work in the old city, which has an area of 355 hectares, these crews include engineers, archaeologists and observers technicians, were distributed, according to the importance of the damage areas, in cooperation with the City Council of Aleppo and the Directorate of Religious Endowments and the Directorate of Tourism under the supervision of the province of Aleppo.

The tasks of the crews were to not allow the deportation of historical and archaeological elements in the old city, and carry out systematic documentation of the damage, which affected the city with evaluation forms.

DGAM crews continued with the local community in the city to develop a joint plan to protect the ruins of the ancient buildings.

The initial report indicates that the damage ratio ranging from (30% huge damage -30%  middle damage - 40% damage ranging from minor and medium), and the crews continue documentation work for the scientific assessment of all damages according to forms compatible with international standards.

DGAM communicates with local and international partners as UNESCO to develop crisis plans for the restoration of historical buildings in the old town, where recently a team of UNESCO's regional office in Beirut visited the city of Aleppo, with a team of DGAM for the reality of the damage.

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