Directorate of Laboratories for conservation is archiving and documenting the mosaics 05/04/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3881


The current crisis and the difficult conditions facing the cultural heritage in Syria imposed a new reality on the field work of the Directorate of Laboratories for conservation. Within the framework of its new plan, we began the work of archiving – documenting and maintenance the mosaics that stored in DGAM storage in Damascus, these mosaics were discovered in various locations across Syria, and lifted from their sites decades ago, and dating back to the centuries 5-6 AD.

    In 2015 we started documenting and archiving a number of mosaics. And in 2016 we completed the works for other mosaics. The works also includes the processes of consolidation, drawing and numbering.

    In this year, we will complete these works on the other mosaics, to be digitally reserved and ready for any future projects related to the restoration and display.

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