Damage in the Tomb _Abu Jdari 14/04/2017 - عدد القراءات : 4756


According to information received from the Department of Antiquities in Al-Hassaka, the tomb located in Abu Jdari site in the Al-Hol area to the east of Al- Hassaka, was exposed to deliberate sabotage. A trench was dug by the Turks inside the site on the northern side of the site., in addition to partial destruction of the tomb itself, especially the vaulted ceiling.
It is worth mentioning that this tomb was discovered by accident where the Department of Antiquitie in Al-Hasaka carried out excavation work there in 1997. It is built of stone blocks and is a unique burial site similar to the tombs of the Roman but in a smaller size. Most likely there was a chapel build above it, which is evident from the architectural plan and the stone elements spread around the site.

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