Restoration and Rehabilitation of Old Markets in Homs02/05/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3624


The project, which is carried out by Homs governorate in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in coordination with all the concerned authorities in Homs province and under the direct supervision of DGAM represented by Department of Antiquities in Homs of the most important vital projects in the city.

The project includes the rehabilitation of the Homs old markets, which includes about 800 shops occupying an area of 45000 m2 where the following works are carried out:
1. Replacement of damaged metal canopy with modern ones, similar in form to the old market cover of the 1930s.
2.Repairing all structural damages, compensating the missing stones, rehabilitating façades, and building some rundown shops with emphasis on the authenticity of the market.
3. Installation of new closures , new frames and a new metal mesh for all windows and shops uniformly and suitable for the market and similar to the existing asset.
4.  rehabilitation the infrastructure of water, electricity, telephone, sanitation and.

It is worth mentioning that the work started since the sixth month in 2016 and is continuing with the distinguished efforts of Homs province and in accordance with the conditions of restoration and rehabilitation approved by DGAM.

Al-Harir Souq May 2017 Al-Harir Souq May 2014

Souqs entrance 2017 Souqs entrance 2014

Khan al-Qaysariya July 2016 Khan al-Qaysariya, Aug. 2015

Nouri Souq 2017 Nouri Souq 2017

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