Declaration of Intent Between The Directorate General of Antiquities & Museums and The National Museum of Czech Republic16/05/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3780


Declaration of Intent was signed in Prague on Monday 15th May 2017, between DGAM represented by Prof. Dr. Maamoun Abdulkarim, Director General, and The National Museum in Prague, The Czech Republic, represented by PhDr. Michal Lukeš, Director General,

Aspiring for a long-term relationship of cooperation focused on the world cultural heritage protection, the development of mutual relationships, exchange of experience and presentation of culture and history of Syrian Arab Republic and the Czech Republic.
Aiming at extending international cultural dialogue, mutual awareness, sharing of knowledge and methods of conservation and preservation of cultural heritage and understanding of cultural and natural diversity,

They have reached the following understanding:

The participants have decided to carry out a series of common projects to extend the cultural dialogue between Syrian Arab Republic a and the Czech Republic with special focus on restoration and protection of cultural heritage.

To attain this, exchanges and cooperation concerning archaeology, structural conservation and scientific preservation of ancient monuments and archaeological sites, consultations, seminars and conferences in the fields of archaeology, museology, structural conservation and scientific preservation of monuments and art objects, heritage management of monuments, interpretation of monuments and museum objects along with exhibitions on archaeological artefacts and art objects will be held in both countries. The cooperation will also include mutual exchange of publications on archaeology and related disciplines produced by the participants.

The both partners understand that their cooperation, in any form it may take, will be based on mutual respect and on the principle of equal partnership, and that maximum privileged treatment will be mutually provided.

Execution of particular events, terms and conditions, and rights and obligations will always be defined in separate agreements in accordance with the legislation of both countries.

Czech Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivo Sramek affirmed During a meeting with Director General of Antiquities and Museums Prof. Maamoun Abdul-Karim and his accompanying delegation,that protecting the Syrian cultural heritage is important for all humanity, noting that bilateral cooperation between the Czech Republic and Syria is developing successfully.

Sramek highlighted the importance of the declaration of intent that was signed on Monday between Syria and Czech, stressing that the Czech President Milos Zeman is personally concerned with the Czech contribution to the protection of Syrian cultural heritage.

The Syrian mission will also continue its work in Budapest in the coming days to open up cooperation with the University of Pazmany Peter Catholic in the field of capacity building in the long term, medium and long term

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