The Archeological Site of Resafa was Liberated from ISIS Gangs21/06/2017 - عدد القراءات : 2761


The forces of the Syrian Arab Army liberated the ancient site of  Resafa, from the bands ISIS, the town of Resafa, located in the north of the desert of Syria, to the south-west of Raqqa, about fifty kilometers away. The city was known in the Roman and Byzantine era as Serigopolis,

The importance of Resafa strategy began in the Roman and Byzantine era, and continued to the Islamic era, it is worth mentioning that the German mission headed by Professor Dorothée Sack, from the University of Technology in Berlin, worked on the site between 2006-2013

Through the initial assessment of the damage appear, some of the outer walls of the castle are destroyed by shells and clashes, and in general the technical condition of the site is good.

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