Again, an urgent International appeal : to Protect the bridge of Ein Dewar from collapse and destruction12/07/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3046


According to information received by DGAM, documented by Photos from the local community concerned with the Syrian cultural heritage, the Turkish government changed the natural stream of the Tigris River towards Syrian lands in Ein Dewar area in the far north-eastern of Syria, In addition to a change in the geographical environment of the region

As DGAM cannot access to the area for protection and consolidation Process of the Bridge,because the Turkish army snipes our colleagues, DGAM appeals again, the international community , UNESCO, ICOMOS and international cultural organizations to intervene  and find a solution to reduce the impact of water on the construction structure of the bridge, protect the bridge bases from collapse, and to stop this serious threat to the cultural heritage of Syria, and contrary to the rules of international law and conventions on the protection of cultural heritage.

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