Launching the Project of the National Bank of Digital Information16/07/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3809


The Directorate of Information &Technology at DGAM launched the project of the National Digital Information Bank for DGAM

The aim of the project:
Save a copy of all digital and electronic data of DGAM in all its directorates and museums in a scientific and methodological manner

Project Tools & Equipment:
The mainly used the central storage servers called SINOLOGY, provided by a Scientific institute, which is concerning of Syrian cultural heritage. SYNOLOGY is one of the most famous and oldest companies providing network storage servers, or so-called Network Attached Storage Servers, NAS, in the world markets. It is worth mentioning that the equipment and training of the IT Directorate team were provided in cooperation and coordination with the UNESCO office in Beirut.

Storage and Saving Data
The project is based on the use of network storage servers, built on the RAID6 system within the Linux operating system, with spared HDDs, which is automatically installed to work in the event of failure of any of the used HDDs with an alert messages, without any system damage or loss of data.

These network storages have the ability to connect to the server, keep files, share, copy backups them, and transfer data from more than one computer at the same time, with restricted authorities that are set for each individual device and within any operating system used (Windows, Macintosh, Linux).

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