First meeting of the Supreme National Steering Committee for the restoration of the Old City of Aleppo29/07/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3716


The National Higher Steering Committee for the Restoration of the Old City of Aleppo has discussed the beginning of the restoration work in the Old City of Aleppo through the Souq Al-Suqatiyeh area and the Stone Restoration Training Workshop in Aleppo Citadel.

uring its first meeting held at the Ministry of Culture building, the committee discussed logistical and financial details related to the restoration work and identified its needs and obligations.

The committee, which was formed by a decision by Prime Minister Emad Khamis, includes the Ministries of Culture, Public Works and Housing, Tourism, experts in the field of archeology and restoration, Aga Khan Development Network, The Syria Trust for Development and representatives of the local community.

The Minister of Culture, Chairman of the National Steering Committee for the restoration of the old city of Aleppo, Mohammed Al-Ahmad said in a press statement, "The Committee discussed the restoration work, which will be quick until there are significant achievements before the end of the year in the city of Aleppo, which suffered severe damage because of terrorist acts," confirming that the ministry works with Local partners, as well as Aga Khan Development Network, The Syria Trust for Development and the local community, so that this city can regain its distinctiveness.

"We all know that Aleppo is registered on the World Heritage List. This is not just a reconstruction of dilapidated buildings, but an effort to keep Aleppo on this list, so we are working with the parties concerned so that we can have real partnership. And multiple experiences .. "

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Public Works and Housing, the Minister of Tourism, the Director of Aga Khan Development Network, the Assistant Minister of Awqaf and the Deputy Governor of Aleppo, the Director General of Antiquities and Museums, the Secretary General of The Syria Trust for Development and the representative Aga Khan Foundation in Syria.

The Committee will continue to meet periodically to discuss the status of work and developments related to its mandate.


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