Conclusion of Technical Meeting about Traditional Building Materials in Aleppo10/08/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3472


The technical meeting about traditional building materials in Aleppo, which lasted for two days from 10 to 11 August 2017, will be concluded within the framework of the UNESCO-funded Emergency Safeguarding of the Syrian Cultural Heritage project.

The meeting was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Hussein Diab, Governor of Aleppo, Prof. Maamoun AbdulKarim, Director General of Antiquities and Museums, and Dr. Cristina Menegazzi, Director of Emergency Safeguarding Project for the Syrian Cultural Heritage, UNESCO Beirut. The meeting included representatives of:
  • Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums
  • Directorate of the Old City of Aleppo
  • Heritage Committee, Engineers Association of Aleppo
  • Faculty of Architecture, Aleppo University
  • El Adiyat Association in Aleppo
  • Aga Khan Foundation for Culture.
The attendance discussed and evaluated the experiences of the interested parties in the Syrian cultural heritage in the following topics:
  • Traditional materials Bank of Damascus
  • Construction and traditional crafts are an urgent necessity
  • Classification of Handcrafts, building materials
  • Assessment of damage and management of rubble of archaeological debris
  • Damage Assessment, the experience of the Great Umayyad Mosque
  • Presentations and discussions on models of traditional building materials, building techniques, and traditional building Handcrafts

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