Post-crisis reconstruction and revitalization of historic cities04/09/2017 - عدد القراءات : 3437


Under the patronages of the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Beirut and the National Commission for UNESCO in the Ministry of Education.

The workshop on " Post-crisis reconstruction and revitalization of historic cities " was inaugurated on 5 September 2017. The workshop will discuss the following topics:
  • Damage of the Syrian Cultural Heritage & the DGAM vision during the crisis
  • Redefining protective measures at Palmyra
  • Safeguarding measures at Damascus old city
  • Post-crisis rehabilitation at Homs old city
  • Interventions works at Aleppo old city
  • Works of the Syrian-Hungarian Archaeological Mission at Crac des Chevaliers
  • Post-Crisis Urban Reconstruction, Lessons learned
  • Lived-in Built Heritage
  • Post-Crisis Reconstruction and Archaeology: Threats and Strategies
  • Round Table Discussion (Lessons Learned - Do’s and Don’ts chart)
An expected outcome of the workshop is to publish the "summary document" on the basis of expert presentations and the outcomes of the various workshops, as a guide to good practice and to enhance coordination among stakeholders.

35 experts participate in the workshop from Lebanon, DGAM, Ministry of Tourism, Syrian Trust for Development, National Commission for UNESCO, Damascus Governorate, Heritage Committee of the Engineers Syndicate, Faculties of Architecture and Archeology at University of Damascus, and the Institute of Regional Planning

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