The Destruction of the Simbol Monastery by the Terrorists Gangs17/10/2017 - عدد القراءات : 4545


The Ministry of Culture, Directorate – General of Antiquities and Museums, condemns the continued destruction of archaeological sites by the terrorists gangs, especially in Idlib, where Ahrar Alsham and Alnasra Front demolished the Simbol monastery in Jabal Barisha, dates from the second to the sixth century AD, as well as destroying many monasteries, churches and other famous archaeological buildings in the famous forgotten cities that goes to the Romans and Byzantine times, some of which are listed on the world heritage list.

We in the DGAM, invoke all the countries and international institutions that are concerned with culture and the world heritage to take their role and contribute to preserve and safeguard the Syrian culture heritage, and to help in order to stop the destruction by pressuring on the governments which support and finance the terrorist gangs and forcing them to stop their work against the Syrian antiquities, so these antiquities will remain a strong witness of the greatness of the Syrian civilization of all ages.

It is worth mentioning that the aggression which is being exposed to the archaeological cities has more than one objective, such as trafficking in the decorative architectural stone elements, of which Turkey is considered to be the most important market for that, as well as the reinvestment of the stones in archaeological buildings and destruction of the archaeological buildings for ideological purposes, as in the case of the Simbol monastery, in addition to the illegal excavations conducted in all areas that are controlled by terrorist groups.

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