Raqqa Department of Antiquities finds three out of six boxes stolen from Raqqa Museum11/08/2013 - عدد القراءات : 3877

The director of the Department of Antiquities of Raqqa as well as the curator of the Raqqa Museum in cooperation with members of the local community in addition to cultural elites have successful managed to locate the whereabouts of three boxes out of the six boxes previously stolen from the Raqqa Museum. Those three boxes containing 104 archaeological artifacts were found in Tabaqa city. Besides, the staff of the department is attempting to return the boxes to the museum after they are checked and inventoried.

Moreover, the DGAM hopes to find the remaining three boxes in addition to other three boxes seized by a group called "Cham free people". The DGAM also thanks all those who have taken part in finding these boxes before being smuggled out of Syria and the members of the local community who are making unremitting efforts to protect our antiquities in Raqqa.

Furthermore, the DGAM stresses the fact that it is constantly coordinating with its cadres all over Syria and is incessantly cooperating with the local community in order to defend our cultural heritage. This cooperation has resulted in success today in the Governorate of Raqqa.

In addition, the DGAM believes that the museums and archaeological sites are the source of honor and unity for the Syrian people, and that everyone is responsible for defending them regardless of any unethical conduct damaging them for political agendas and reasons, like those people residing abroad are doing who have no ethics nor moral standards to follow while dealing with this key issue, and who use the issue of antiquities for their own benefits.


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